Get a bag, plant a tree

Take a stand for our planet´s future

Born from the blood and passion that characterizes the Spanish Malaga, Chocolate&Nut products are now available worldwide.

 Our selection of classic, vintage, old school design accessories, created with long-lasting components, are designed to accompany you for many years

We choose full grain cowhide leather because we love the natural, its strength and the signs that life leaves behind.

It´s the highest quality and most durable leather.

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Crazy Horse treatment provide to the leather an extra durability but also a vintage style characteristic of Chocolate&Nut

In choosing each material, we seek to leave behind, as a subliminal message, some of the values on which our brand is based.

Lady with London Duffle Bag
Leather Bags
Full grain leather Duffles, Briefcases,

London Duffle Bag
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Man carrying Bag
canvas & leather
Waxed Cotton Canvas Duffle Bags, Backpacks

Amsterdam Duffle Bag
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Each one of the woods with which we manufacture the accessories, carries an implicit value, a teaching of nature.

The selection of wood comes from implanted and controlled cultivation.

Man with Maiao Wristwatch
Handcrafted wood watches
Wristwatches from exotic woods

Maiao Watch
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Handcrafted wooden Sun Glasses
Handcrafted wood sunglasses
Exclusive pieces made from exotic woods, classic frames and polarized lens in different colors.
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We are very proud to contribute to the reforestation of The Earth, as much as the growth of the company allows us.

Our commitment to is to plant a tree for every product sold. So you help us to reforest the planet!


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