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Trending Handcrafted Duffle Bags and Wooden Watches Today!

Finally, vacation season is here, is your goal to travel with only one bag? This is the perfect time to shop for your small canvas duffle bag. Why duffle bag? Duffle bags have enough space and are even expandable for you to pack everything you need. It is also made from strong materials that make the bag durable to last for many years after your vacation. The right duffle bag largely depends on why you need one. While these bags are often used for traveling, they are also great for the gym, sports games, dance classes, and the beach. A good duffle bag will also have strong stitching and be made from durable material as canvas or leather. Always note...

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Everything You Need to Know About Full Grain Leather

Leather is the material loved by many individuals for its depth, richness, flexibility, and durability. But, you know, we also differentiated leather into “types” and full-grain is the most prominent one. When people first hear about full-grain leather, they might think that the leather would look pebbly or grainy. However, the facts are different. Full-grain leather means the unadulterated, full hide in its original form.     In this guide you will learn about the general uses of full-grain leather, its characteristics, which part of the hide it is and the difference between genuine and natural leather. So, let’s dive into some interesting information about full-grain leather.   Characteristics and Uses of Full-Grain Leather Its smooth and luxurious surface can...

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All You Ever Desire To Know About Cowhide Leather

All You Ever Desire To Know About Cowhide Leather Men have used from ancient times cowhides for fashion articles of clothing and accessories, like leather duffle bags, travel bags, leather briefcases, leather backpacks, leather wallets, totes, belts, and so many other items. This tough-wearing and natural byproduct of the food industry from cattle is predominantly used to make organic leather products from home decor to leather bags. An improving quantity of hides is engaged to deliver cowhides rugs and accessories as they have increased in popularity.     From Where Does It Come? We often gain the hides from the back part of the animal skin. At present, almost every country manufactures cowhide.     The quality of cowhide depends...

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