Everything You Need to Know About Full Grain Leather

Leather is the material loved by many individuals for its depth, richness, flexibility, and durability.

But, you know, we also differentiated leather into “types” and full-grain is the most prominent one.

When people first hear about full-grain leather, they might think that the leather would look pebbly or grainy. However, the facts are different.

Full-grain leather means the unadulterated, full hide in its original form.




In this guide you will learn about the general uses of full-grain leather, its characteristics, which part of the hide it is and the difference between genuine and natural leather.

So, let’s dive into some interesting information about full-grain leather.


Characteristics and Uses of Full-Grain Leather

Its smooth and luxurious surface can characterize full-grain leather bags, or shoes, or whatever product. You can say, it’s the best and most desirable type of leather that one can ever get.

It's not sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove any organic or natural marks from its surface. The fibers are highly durable, and stable, because the grain has not been abstracted.

This type of leather has less moisture, as the grain has a characteristic of breathing. The leather creates a patina, which is a thin layer that shields it from any type of damage from corroding or wearing. Moreover, it provides an aesthetic look and is used in making high-quality leather bags, footwear, and furniture.


Which Part Of The Hide Is Full-Grain Leather?

Full-grain leather comes from the layer of the skin just under the hair. It is made from the outermost layer of the hide, where the structure of fibers tightly interlinked which makes it very durable. Whether it's cow, kangaroo, sheep, donkey or any other animal, the leather contains the whole hide of the animal.

Full-grain leather is the toughest type of leather that contains most characters, which also is very difficult to deal with.


                full grain cowhide-luxury-sevilla leather briefcase


What’s The Difference Between Full Grain and Genuine Leather?

It’s quite easy to misunderstand genuine and full-grain leather as the same. But they actually are different.

Below mentioned are the differences between genuine leather and full grain leather and yes, they matter.


  • Full grain leather is the best quality grade of leather you can get. It comes from the top layer of the hide and contains all-natural grain. The leather is worth buying.
  • Genuine leather is not always made of real leather, or it's not the full grain, hence the quality can be an issue.


Appearance & Durability

  • Full grain leather is extremely durable and strong as the natural elements are breathable and result in less moisture. The surface of the leather is unique and appears as the most organic material.
  • Genuine Leather rarely lasts for a long time compared to high-quality leather. You will often find it in leather shoes from a lower-priced department or some genuine leather bags in the lower-priced range.


If you are searching for a leather product that will last with you for a long time and look better with each passing year, going for full-grain leather bags can be your best choice.