Trending Handcrafted Duffle Bags and Wooden Watches Today!

Finally, vacation season is here, is your goal to travel with only one bag? This is the perfect time to shop for your small canvas duffle bag. Why duffle bag? Duffle bags have enough space and are even expandable for you to pack everything you need. It is also made from strong materials that make the bag durable to last for many years after your vacation.

The right duffle bag largely depends on why you need one. While these bags are often used for traveling, they are also great for the gym, sports games, dance classes, and the beach. A good duffle bag will also have strong stitching and be made from durable material as canvas or leather. Always note that there is no wrong choice when it comes to duffle bags you should at least own one as your collection, that way you are always covered.

Our London leather duffle bag is a must-have accessory for any individual. It is a practical bag made of full grain cowhide with a classic round cut and a camel color that gives the bag a stylish look. It is made from quality leather with a longitudinal metallic zipper. Backpack designs are also available. If you are considering a purchase, do check on our small canvas and leather duffle bags and make your order today. If you are a fashion-sensitive person you can combine your duffle bag with a matching wooden watch for more elegance.

Wooden watches are quickly growing in popularity as a fashionable accessory for all individuals regardless of age group. They give way to beautifully creating a natural bold statement. There are now more styles to choose from than ever before, but one key factor to consider before selecting a stylish wooden watch is to choose the right type of wood.

Wooden watches can be found in every form of wood type, so deciding what type of wood you want in your watch is critical. So before opting to make your purchase, choosing a durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly wood type for your watch is mandatory. Always note that the type of wood you select will also impact the look of the watch. Are you looking for the best men’s wooden watches? Chocolate&Nut offers the best-handcrafted wood grain watches which are sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. Our collection comprises; Maiao Zebrawood watches, an exclusive piece with unique patterns and high resistance to impacts, and the Nuku-Hiva sandalwood watch that has amazing elegance, made of black sandalwood, of unique aroma and magical properties. Visit our website and make your order today.