All You Ever Desire To Know About Cowhide Leather

We have used cowhides from ancient times by men for fashion articles of clothing and accessories.

This tough-wearing and natural byproduct of the food industry from cattle is predominantly used to make organic leather products from home decor to leather bags. An improving quantity of hides is engaged to deliver cowhides rugs and accessories as they have increased in popularity.

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From Where Does It Come?

We often acquire the hides from the back part of the animal skin. At present, almost every country manufactures cowhide.

The quality of cowhide depends on the humanely way the animals are raised and how the tanning process is utilized.

The tanning process is done because it delivers a perfect amount of softness that is required in the hide.

Tanning Methods

Many tanning methods are used to tan animal hides for making leather products. Two of the common methods of tanning are vegetable tanning and chrome tanning, most recently paraffin-based emulsions are used, Vegetable-tanned leather is difficult and length that’s why the leather products that are dyed in this method take a long time.  

Chrome tanning involves chemicals, salts, and acids to dye the leather and this results in affordable leather products. The final leather product will smell not good because it's an aggressive chemical treatment.

Between both leather tanning methods is the water emulsion paraffin-based, which is an organic product and no pollution.

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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process starts with the rinsing of cowhide to get rid of the fat and the meat. If any hair left, it is shaved away before it gets dried. We then stretch the skin out on a flat surface for drying. Instantly after the skin dries, natural skin oils are kneaded into the skin while tanning process. We often make oils from other parts of the cow, like the brain.

In a situation when hair is leftleather briefcase_sevilla leather briefcase on the skin, the hair area doesn’t require going through any tanning process with natural oils. After the oil dried, the skin is extended by hands or with equipment in the procedure called tanning.

Chromium tanning was introduced in the 19th century and in this period time, it’s the faster process to protect the skin and give it a long life, but its tanning process is very polluting.

Features Of Cowhide Leather

As everyone knows, cowhide is one of the popular and demanding leather in today’s time. It is a byproduct of the dairy and meat industry. Not only it is available worldwide but also considered as one of the most organic, durable and noble leather you can every get.


Lastly, if you talk about your profitability that you can get from the leather then it’ s worth mentioning that cowhide is way heavier than other sources of leather that weigh something from 1 to 12 ounces. Therefore, cowhide leather is a better choice in terms of jackets, furniture, bags, and coats as it is much sturdier.

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