How to combine wood sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are becoming the latest fashion trend around the world presently. More and more people are getting on board the bandwagon of owning at least a piece of wooden sunglasses to keep up with the fashion trend.

For a variety of reasons, people are substituting plastic-framed fashion goggles for eco-friendly wooden frames. From celebrities to fashion-conscious environmentalists, the cravings for a pair of wooden sun shades are on the increase.

Just like any fashion apparel, there are ways to get the best out of these trendy pieces. Of course, it is really a matter of different wooden sunglasses for different folks; you don’t want to look funny and less impressive despite owning a pair of these uniquely beautiful eye protectors!

For the men who want to help develop a clean, pollution-free environment, wearing a pair of wooden sunglasses is not enough, combining it right is. Don’t just shop for sunglasses simply because you want to protect your eyes.

A carefully selected pair of sunglasses is sure to elevate your look and solidifying your style signature. With countless shapes, styles, and molds, you have a vast pool of wood-framed and wooden sunglasses options to choose from. 

For starters, casual outfits are great for combining with wooden sunglasses. Whether you are just going for an evening walk or you have a small get together to attend, casual attires will surely place you on a perfect fitting with the occasion.

A chestnut oak darn tan blazer on a pair of stone-washed blue jeans, spiced with brightly colored wooden sunglasses, will surely give you a super cool outlook. It will challenge to go wrong with classic-styled wooden sunglasses with the Wayfarer mold. Just be sure to add some pieces of wooden watches to match effortlessly. 



Manihi Wood Sunglasses

For nightlife fans and club-goers, your choice of sunglasses may be limited to rimmed spectacles. This does not mean you cannot be involved in the eco-friendly wooden sunglasses trend. Irrespective of what you put on, a pair of Bohemian-styled Clubhouse Maplewood sunglasses are sophisticated and casual enough to present yourself as not overly dressed. With your funds, you can choose from a variety of unique woods for custom-made wooden arm iron-rimmed sunglasses. 

With summer on the horizon, wooden sunglasses will definitely stand you out. You should start planning on how you want to look in summer camps, holiday inns, or beach events. This is not a bad idea; start taking your imaginations far and envisage the appeal you will garner by appearing trendy. Imagine wearing a white body-fitted T-shirt on a pair of smart-looking shorts and coffee-colored loafers.

This stylish look is not complete without adding a couple of light blue lensed sunglasses with lightly colored wooden temples. You may also combine with a pair of full-framed Sandalwood sunglasses. You will surely wow anyone with this! And for lovers of Guayabera, the traditional Cuban shirts, be sure to match your outlook with 

A piece of jacket bomber worn on top of bright-colored innerwear and a pair of light brown pencil trousers will be accentuated by a pair of handcrafted wooden sunglasses. To get the best out of this, you can try combining with a pair of walnut-framed dark sunglasses that are polarized to protect your eyes from sun rays and light reverberations from water or other surfaces.

You may also want to try out wooded-armed retro frames if your preference is horn-rimmed club master sunglasses. Just make sure you choose one with wood-made temples that will balance the iron rims holding the lenses together.

Mehetia Polarized Sunglasses

Imagine having an evening hangout or a date; the weather is too warm for a coat, yet a bit cold for just a T-shirt. You surely want to consider a dark slim-fit reverse shirt to impress the other party. You don’t need to go all out like you are dressing for overkill.

Combining this with a pair of light-weight vintage wooden sunglasses made from bamboo sprouts. You may also try it out with a piece of wayfarer sunglasses with mirror lens and yellow-bamboo wood arm sunglasses to match. You will have made an impression at first sight.

We do not leave formal occasions out of the wooden sunglasses frenzy. Forget the old fad of looking disrespectful, putting on a pair of sunglasses. There are several reasons you should endeavor to wear sunglasses apart from wanting to look cool. Going to an outdoor ceremony on a bright day can really be bad for your eyes.

There is nothing terrible going for classic styled wooden sunglasses that are very appropriate for your attire. Compliment your formal dressing with a piece of ebony wood sunglasses that will prevent light glare and protect your eyes while also providing you with additional clarity.

To be at the top of your game, you can make sure it fit your ebony wood sunglasses with a photochromic lens that will alter the clarity of the lens by adjusting to the light from the environment.

 Wooden Sunglasses

Now, for the ladies, we know you rule the fashion world. We will only give you what is trending and hope it doesn’t fade by the time you are reading this. For Spring, the free-flowing Disco Collar is in making a comeback even though discos are not. It would not be bad to complement your Beige flowing Disco Collar with a piece of laminated ebony wooden sunglasses with slightly shaded lenses.

This color contrast would definitely stand you out in any gathering or on the walkway. And if you don’t want to follow the color contrast wagon, try out any piece of hexagonally shaped Burl Wood Sunglasses with photochromic properties. You are good to fly!



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