Eco-Friendly sunglasses. Natural wood instead of plastic.

Sunglasses have become a part of our everyday attire. They not only complement our looks but also add some extra level of finish to wearer's outfits.

There are many people whose eyesight requires them to wear a pair of eyeglasses. They have no option but to go out with them every time they go outside.

For others who love to spend time outdoors, they look incomplete without having a pair of sunglasses to shade their eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

However, getting sunglasses is not something you should do without considering certain factors; trendiness, eco-friendliness, a good fit, among others.

In the past, most sunglass frames were made of plastic, which is produced from fossil fuels and petroleum by-products. These compounds, while offering some level of durability, have become an immense problem for the ecosystem. The health problems resulting from the use of plastic materials have had adverse effects on the ocean and its immense wildlife.

Because of this, people are becoming more concerned with finding alternatives to plastic usage. Sunglass frames are not an exception.

Eco Friendly wood sunglasses

The latest trend in fashion now is wooden-framed sunglasses. For the dedicated fashionista, deciding on whether to go for wood sunglasses of plastic sunglasses is becoming necessary. That is why it is important to clearly highlight the advantages of choosing wooden-framed sunglasses over plastic frames.

The eco-friendly nature of wood confers superiority over plastic sunglasses. Choosing organic materials over non-biodegradable materials is always the right choice.

Many studies have confirmed that most plastic objects end up in the sea, leading to serious health risks for marine life. This exposure of fish to plastic material may end up being transferred to human beings since so many consume them daily. For the eco-conscious fashionista, the choice of wood sunglasses becomes the only rational alternative.

Also, the synthetic nature of plastic sunglasses makes them vulnerable to heat. This makes them vulnerable to constant exposure to the sun. This constant exposure will weaken the strength of the plastic while also affecting the color of the plastic frames. This leaves the owner with a pair of sunglasses with heat-induced disfiguration and discoloration. Wooden sunglasses are far less susceptible to adverse weather. Frames made from exotic woods offer one the most eco-friendly and resilient materials for sunglass lovers. Owners of wood sunglasses can proudly show off they are wearing stylish, well-made eco-friendly shades, which gives them credibility as earth savers!

Mangareva polarized wood sunglasses

Ok, let us leave the environmental side and dwell on the human side. Not everyone is content with cheaply sourced materials. Plastic sunglasses are made from cheap raw materials. The fact that plastic sunglasses are cheap is enough reason for ostentatious individuals to reject them. Some demand arises from ostentatious behavior, which is perfectly normal.

For those who appreciate quality, wood sunglasses are becoming the preferred option.

For plastic sunglasses, you are only on the lookout for colors and frame-styles; with wooden frames, you are drawn into a world of choices not limited to color and frames but also the specificity of the material.

With an array of woods to choose from, wooden sunglasses offer you a great opportunity to choose from a range of exotic types, with all of their different grain patterns and color and shade. You may even get one made from your favorite tree. Yes, you heard me right!

For those who want to stand out and showcase their unique style, wood sunglasses are a rational choice. Unlike plastic sunglasses, wooden-framed sunglasses enhance the wearer’s style without focusing too much attention on themselves. The natural looks of wood frames give a pleasant and authentic look upon the wearer. In fact, hand-crafted wooden sunglasses will blend naturally with your overall look. Furthermore, they give you unlimited options for customization. Every pair is unique since they come from organic material. No two pairs look exactly alike. If you are a lover of fine craftsmanship, you will surely love wooden sunglasses. You have the prerogative to customize your wood sunglasses, by either painting them, applying natural dyes or oils, or adorn them with crystals.

A common misconception is being spread that plastic sunglasses are stronger than their wooden counterparts. Perhaps, it is thought that wood frames are simply made from wood and nothing else. However, you might be interested to know that wooden frames are formed using layering techniques that make them durable and stronger than many plastic sunglasses. Most of wood sunglasses are fabricated by adding layers of coating to make them highly resistant. Look at this article about how to manufacture wood sunglasses.

polarized wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses offer more comfort than plastic sunglasses. This is because they are extremely lightweight, and the wearer will barely notice they are wearing them. This is especially important for prescription eyeglass wearers who typically have them on for long periods of time. By choosing wood grain sunglasses, you are choosing a material with less effect on your face, and with an improved public appeal.

Now that you have heard some significant benefits of wood sunglasses over plastic sunglasses, it is important to use this information to validate your preference. Since you will wear this fashion piece on an almost daily basis and often for long periods, it is important that your choice reflects your disposition to be eco-conscious, style-conscious, and fashion-forward. Get onto the list of people who stand out in the crowd; draw subtle glances from others around you with stylishly framed wood sunglasses.

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