Protecting your eyes from the sunlight (UV Rays)

Every time summer approaches there are always mixed reactions.

People want to enjoy holiday trips by basking in the sun or set up barbeques in their yards. It feels good receiving a proper dose of warmth from the sun after extended periods of winter; however, this comes with its own inherent dangers.

Of utmost concern should be how to protect your eyes from the powerful ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun. UV rays are so powerful that it is not only when you look at the sun directly that the rays harm the eyes. These utterly invisible rays can get to the eyes by bouncing off walls, reflecting on concrete and on other surfaces such as water, ice or snow.

People who spend a considerable amount of time working outdoors are very vulnerable to constant expose to high levels of UV rays. In order to shield their eyes from exposure to sunlight, such people often resort to squinting their eyes. This, over time, leads to visible wrinkles on the face. However, there are better ways to protect prevent the eyes from sun’s ray, which do not involve stressing any parts of the face. This is not rocket science and is achievable by simply you choosing the right sunglasses. 


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It is time to improve your well being by getting the right sunglasses that will shield your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun while also improving your look. There are specially designed lenses that reduce the daylight glare when exposed to UV rays. However, don’t be deceived into thinking all dark sunglasses block harmful rays coming from the sun. Dark sunglasses may in effect be filtering the amount of ambient light without providing the needed protection against UV rays.

You should understand that polarized sunglasses are very beneficial for the eyes. Despite the benefits of the sun to the body, it adversely affected the eyes. This is the reason some sunglasses are fitted with lenses that have polarized filters, which reduces the amount of reflecting rays entering the eyes. Whether you are walking or driving, or engaged in sporting activities, polarized lenses offer significant benefits.

Polarized sunglasses work by reducing the horizontal light waves coming from the sun. They not only reduce glare, but also makes images appear clearer and sharper, improving clarity. Also are photochromatic, which means we can wear them indoors or outdoors and for those that are continually exposed to bright sunlight. The capacity of polarized sunglasses to protect against UV rays is important to the maintenance of healthy eyesight.

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This curtails the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on your eyes. Buying sunglasses is not just as simple as taking one that showcases your fashion sense. Your newly purchased sunglasses may look cool to you but they may not actually be shielding your eyes properly from the dangerous rays. Perhaps, know that all sunglasses are not manufactured equally, because of several factors such as quality of material, polarization and vintage effects. Many people take precaution on the kinds of skin creams they use for sunblock but do not take enough caution to care for their eyes in the same manner.

Persistent exposure to UV rays from the sun may cause a series of eye problems, including vision loss and corneal sunburn. For those that would spend a lot of time in open environments, it is important to put on face-friendly sunglasses that will block the UV rays of the sun. What is the benefit of a pair of expensive sunglasses that looks cute on you but does little to protect your priceless eyes?

Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is possible with two or three pairs of protective sunglasses to cover a variety of styles that matches your personality. Fortunately, there are hundreds of styles to choose from, depending on your budget, preference and specific needs.

We expect that a good pair of sunglasses should block up to 99% of UV rays to protect the eyes from solar radiation. That is why it is important to have frames which fit closely at the temple; this provides the best protection against sun rays by limiting the amount of sunlight that gets to your eyes from the sides.

Sometimes a pair of sunglasses pass the protection, style and shape tests but appears that the two sides of the sunglasses are not perfectly aligned. If, by chance you suspect that a particular item does not provide the same measure of fitness on the two sides of the face, ask your optician to check them and tighten any loose parts of the sunglasses. It is also important to ask the retailer for a free sunglasses repair kit with small screwdrivers that you can use in the future to tighten loose screws on the frames.


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For children and toddlers, make sure that the size and material are appropriate. Young children should not have their sunglasses fitted with lenses that may easily break into small pieces that a child might pick up and swallow.

The perfect choice for sunglasses should take protection, style and shape into consideration. You may choose sleek, big, sporty or vintage sunglasses. What is important is that the eyes are protected against sunrays, and you may need to test a few pairs to get the perfect fit for your face. It is equally important to read any information that is provided on the label of the lens. Also to ensure that the manufacturer affirms a 99 to 100 percent blockage of UV-A and UV-B rays. If the lenses fitted into such sunglasses do not provide the stated level of protection, they are not worth buying, irrespective of their style and shape. Sunglasses that offer protection against sunrays need not be too expensive; so don’t be concerned with saving so much to get a pair of protective sunglasses. The most important thing is to get ones that fit perfectly well and offers excellent protection against UV rays. As much as possible, ensure that you put on sunglasses whenever you are outside whether the sun is shining.

They serve as an essential shield to the eyes the same way sunscreen protects the skin.

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