Our Story

Travelling has always been a part of my life. I was on a plane even before I can remember.

Since childhood I developed an enormous interest in bags, backpacks, briefcases, sunglasses, watches and other personal accessories.

I saw them as necessary, but also as a differentiation mark. Original and high-quality accessories always caught my attention.

Travelling increased my respect and consideration for the planet. I could see different cultures and the way they make use of natural resources. And that broadened my awareness.  

Emulating the history of bamboo growth, the inception of Chocolate&Nut also required years of watering and patience. But, finally, the first leaf appeared, that to say, the first person who supported my project.

Founded on these principles and the desire to contribute to the regeneration of the environment, the business idea was developed.

Chololate&Nut is an organic brand, with ecological principles, characterized by its classic designs and vintage style.

We have opted for the use of noble, resistant and durable materials such as leather, wood and cotton canvas.

The name Chocolate&Nut comes, precisely, from the characteristic colours of the materials used.

In 2019, we set up this company with the aim of materializing this dream inspired on those various trips around the world.

Together with the collaborators that fortunately I came across in life, we committed to leave an imprint on the planet, putting at your disposal products that last over time, manufactured in compliance with the best quality and durability standards.

Welcome to be part of our history!


Felipe G-Cebrián

CEO & Founder